Our mission 

at Fantastic Energy

is to significantly reduce heating and cooling costs while improving the comfort level inside buildings through the use of our unique patented products for thermal equalization. By eliminating the thermal differential/stratification that naturally occurs as heat (warmed air) rises in all buildings, significant energy savings are achieved and building HVAC function is maximized.  Destratification will benefit and improve any facility. It is a primary step in 

energy conservation recommended by the DOE.  

It is more cost effective than the alternative 

of traditional and HVLS type ceiling fans or re-energizing the HVAC system as it is the most efficient destratification/thermal 

equalization appliance available which are 

designed and manufactured here in the USA.

Any building with ceiling heights of 8 feet up to 100 feet can benefit from the thermal equalizer.  The average size unit uses about the same amount of energy as that used by a 35-watt light bulb.  When using our units in a standard 100,000 square-foot facility that typically utilizes an electrical energy source based on natural gas, a ten-ton per year reduction in carbon emissions ban be achieved.

The facility above is was LEED Silver Certified before installing our fans...

In the first five weeks after installation, their 

“energy-cost per dollar-of-manufactured-product” dropped by 30%!